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Our church is strong in its support of missions locally and around the world. A World Mission Conference is held each year to inform, inspire, and involve our people in world missions. At the conference, missionaries report on their work, share the needs of their field, and proclaim the Word of God.  Our 2021 World Missions Conference will be held November 7-9, 2021. 

During the months surrounding the conference, we receive our Faith Promise Pledge Cards from individuals in our church. You can complete a physical pledge card at the church or fill out an online pledge card at the bottom of this page. Cards are tallied and the grand total pledged becomes our Missions Budget for the next year.  

We believe Jesus' command in Matthew 28:19, "...make disciples of all the nations,..." is a responsibility every member of the church needs to take seriously.  Presently, we are involved with more than 20 missionary families with a mission budget of $104,400 for 2020.

Below are the missionary families, ministries, and organizations that Trinity supports.

Church Affiliated Missionaries

Mark & Charity Borisuk

Training Nationals (South Asia)

Assoc. of Baptist for World Evangelism

Adam & Faith Drake

(Togo, West Africa)

Assoc. of Baptist for World Evangelism

National Missionaries

Julius & Rachel Murgor

Pokot Orphanage/Child Care (Kenya) Educators & Church Planters (Kenya)

Harvesters International

Bill Villanueva

Evangelist (Mexico)

Bill Villanueva Ministries

House Church Pastors

Pastors (China)

Living Hope Global Ministries

FengShan Orphanage

Child Care (China)

Living Hope Global Ministries

Carlos Calderon

VP of International Ministries

Partners International


Church Planting (Indonesia)

Partners International

Pastor Jala

Church Planting Coordinator (Sudan)

Partners International

Hanni Hannah

Educational Ministries (Egypt)


George & Laura Radziwiluk

Youth Work (Ukraine)

Word of Life, Int.

Gerald & Anne Chalvet

Pastor (France)

Christian Missions in Many Lands

Baptists Equiping Nationals

Training National Pastors (Middle East)

National Theological College

Equiping Nationals (Lexington, NC)

American Missionaries

Dr. Paul & Kathy Holritz

Biblical Ministries Worldwide

Drs. Les & Kathy Bruce

Bible Translation and Archeological Tours

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Robert & Dr. Pricilla Carpenter

Medical (Pakistan)

World Venture

The Friends of Israel


Local Missionaries

Pregnancy Resource Center

Crisis Counseling & Fundraising (New River Valley, VA)

Dr. Daniel Anderson

Education (Beckley, WV)

Appalachian Bible College

Wendy Shields

Training (Lynchburg, VA)

Awana Clubs International

Mitch & Jodi Reid

Sports Ministry (New River Valley, VA)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Bob & Sandra Jackson

Outreach to international students at Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA)

International Students Inc.

Joy Ranch

Child Care (Hillsville, VA)

Carolina University

E4-12 Ministry Training Program

Faith Promise

Thank you for your desire to support the ministry of Trinity around the world to Make More and Better Disciples as we strive to be Caring People Who Care for People.

The Missions Ministry at Trinity is completely funded through our Faith Promise Offering. Simply put, Faith Promise is our asking you to prayerfully promise to give a specific amount of money on a monthly basis to support our Missionary Families. The promises made by our church family are totaled and the amount promised constitutes the Missions Budget for the new-year.

It takes men and women with deep Biblical convictions to sustain a growing Faith Promise Ministry. It takes people who see themselves as God’s instruments for getting the gospel to the unreached people of the world.

During the conference we will be receiving our Faith Promise Offering Commitments for 2022. We urge all of our people to prayerfully consider the level of support the Lord would have them give, whether small or large, to this vital ministry of the church.  

Please review and fill out the form below to make your commitments for 2022. You may also fill out a Faith Promise Pledge Card located at the church.  All commitments are due by December 31st, 2021.

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