Adult Connect Groups

Come together in a connect group to learn, grow and develop with fellow Christians. Group Leaders are free to determine the focus of their individual group, whether it be fellowship/activity oriented or Bible Study/Prayer focused. Our hope is that you will find a place to thrive and to do-life together with fellow believers and that these would-be welcoming places in which to invite unsaved friends.  

See the list of groups below. Click or tap the link below to contact the group leader directly and to inquire about joining.

If you are interested in leading a group or have any questions, please contact the church office.

Adult Group 1 | Leader: Rod & Tina Snyder

Join this group to study the Bible together. Dessert included!

Adult Group 3 | Leader: Shawn & Leighann Caudell

This group focusses on fellowship, food, and Bible Study.

Adult Men | Leader: Jim Perkinson

This Adult Men's Group focusses on Bible Study and prayer and meets on Sunday morning at 9:15am.

Adult Women | Leader: Sandy Perkinson

This Adult Women's Group focusses on Bible Study and prayer and meets on Sunday morning at 9:15am.

Monday Manna | Leader: Tina Snyder

This is a summer time group is for ladies to come and have a relaxed time of looking at the Psalms and some good old fashioned fellowship.  

Behold your God | Leader: George & Terry Dash

Grow deeper in your knowledge of God with this 12-week multimedia Bible study. With rich sermons, interviews, and lessons from church history.

Young Adult Group | Leader: Paul & Sharon Ferrell

This Young Adult Group is for college students or young adults. It focuses on fellowship, food, Bible study, and activities.