2022 Vision

Fifty years ago, a church was planted in Christiansburg, VA. The church plant became Trinity Baptist Church and a building was erected in 1974 on the current property at 1505 North Franklin Street. For over 50 years the Gospel has been consistently proclaimed in this community and the ministry has been a faithful witness while maintaining integrity before God and men. Times have changed and so has our name, Trinity Community Church, to open our ministry to people from all backgrounds and to better reflect our mission to our community, but the Gospel message is the same. 

In 2016, Trinity Community Church embarked on the exciting process of remodeling and updating our existing facility. Our goal has been to make our facilities more functional and attractive. This will make us more effective in doing the work of the ministry within our walls, while training our people to diligently do the work of the ministry outside our walls and among the people in our community, the New River Valley, even to the ends of the earth. This process began with the remodeling of our Nursery and Worship Center in the Fall of 2016 and continued with the remodel of our South Wing Classrooms in the Summer of 2017.

As we look forward, we have presented the next four projects in the completion of this vision.  Projects 3 and 4 were completed in the spring and summer of 2018. 

You can give directly to the Building Fund to assist us in making our building a more effective tool for ministry by clicking the button below. Thank you for your partnership with us.

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Project 1


Update of the Worship Center and Nursery. In the Worship Center, this project entailed the removal of pews and placement of chairs as well as some technology updates and new paint.  The Nursery Project was a complete renovation of an outdated room that is now outfitted to more effectively minister to our young children.  

Project 2

COMPLETED Summer 2017

Remodel of Southwing Classrooms. This project involved a full-scale remodel of all the classrooms on the southwing of our building. It involved demolition of walls, new framing, cutting out windows, updating technology, drywall, new flooring, and furnishings. 

Project 3

COMPLETED Spring 2018

A reconstruction of a current building on our property into a fully functional Administrative Building. The result of this project will be a better equipped work space for our staff which will subsequently enable us to vacate our current office space, making available room to construct a church foyer and entryway (see Project 6 below).

Project 4


This project includes updates to our technology in the Worship Center and around the building as well as a much-needed protective sealant for our roof.   Project 3 and 4 are our first step in accomplishing our most anticipated project: Project 6. 

Project 5


Includes the remodeling of bathrooms and North Wing Classrooms to serve our Children's Ministry and will be similar in nature to the already completed remodel of the South Wing Classrooms.

Project 6


Phase 6 of our 7 year plan was completed in Fall, 2022. The final phase of our building upgrade involved a complete remodel of the front of our building, including a beautiful open foyer for greeting guests and fellowship, a dedicated entrance, lots of natural lighting, new flooring, and multimedia center,and a coffee bar!

Trinity Community Church is visible from business 460 across from Food Lion and the Waffle House. Our address is 1550 North Franklin Street, Christiansburg, VA, 24073. We would love to have you join us for worship, one of our ministry groups (GriefShare or DivorceCare), a connect group (see website) or a personal conversation. Our mission is to "Point People to Jesus," until He returns to take His Church to Glory. Come join us on the journey!

In Christ,

Your Pastors and Staff